Wedding themes, and wedding cakes:

Themes for Weddings and Cakes

Wedding Cakes Sydney
Many weddings have a theme. Even a traditional wedding is a theme in its own way. It makes sense to have wedding cakes that fit the theme
Of course the happy couple should choose a theme that suits them. But finding something that suits the individual often means looking at various ideas to find some inspiration; and combining ideas creatively is a good option too.
The reception venue and budget are amounst the first considerations when considering a theme. But even if these are limitations there are always some good possibilities within those limitations.

Wedding themes, and wedding cakes:
• Rustic is popular. Old wood, ivy, family heirloom lace, candles, outdoor settings.
• The beach. Set up a tent at the beach. Weather is the only real problem. Very Australian.

• Winter warmth weddings – This became even more popular after the animated Frozen Film. Snow and warm fireplaces work well.
• Bohemian – an over the top eccentric art style. Mix things into their own unorthodox pattern.
• Art Deco – geometric shapes, contrasts and bold colours
• A colour might seem too simple, but it is versatile; a colour scheme can be applied to almost anything.

Think of a mood of décor for a reception hall. It might not be a favourite colour, but it may be the colour that suits your wedding, and the design for wedding cakes. If you’re stuck, start with white and add one colour trim like blue, lavender or mauve.

Custom cakes Sydney
Discuss the wedding theme when considering the cake. There will be countless way to incorporate the ideas.

On easily overlooked consideration is the impulsiveness of youth and overenthusiasm. It is too easy to choose a novelty theme that later proves embarrassing. Think of yourself looking at the wedding photos in middle age, and wondering if the silly novelty theme might have been a big mistake.

Cakes and Candles

Cakes and Candles

Cakes and Candles

The tradition of putting candles on cakes, especially for birthdays, seems to go back centuries. But the exact origin is lost. The ancient Greeks put candles on cakes for some religious occasions, but this has nothing to do with birthdays. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and many religions latter put candles on cakes. The tradition of using candles for individual birthdays seems to have developed the 1700s in Germany.

Custom Cakes Sydney
The tradition of candles on cakes has not died out, but there is competition from other cake decorations. For centuries there were a limited number ways to decorate a cake. Simple designs and candles were all there was to offer. But today cakes are made in all shape, sizes and colours. The cake design often reflects the occasion. It would seem odd to put candles on many of these cakes. The cake design stands alone.

Of course we could make the candle part of the decoration. There are plenty of candles in the shape of letters, which we use to spell out a message or name. Or candles with the numbers that comprise the individuals age.

It is not too much of a jump to have a candle in the shape of poplar cartoon figure. This is almost enough decoration for a simple cake, though it hardly shows much imagination.
With some forethought we could combine the candles with the cake decoration. In fact, not doing this could means that the birthday candles ruin the look of the cake.
Small, plain white candles shouldn’t intrude on the cake design too much. Else, try to find candles that match the colour of the cake décor.

Custom Made Cakes Sydney
If an occasion is a significant and happy event it is worth celebrating. A custom designed cake makes any occasion memorable. And with digital camera and social media a picture of the cake makes a worthwhile post.
Have an artsy cake that symbolizes the occasion.

Cooking Kitchen Habits

Kitchen Habits

Cooking Kitchen Habits
We believe cooking is a creative and healthy pastime. If the number of television cooking show is any indication then home cooking is becoming increasingly popular. Though this may just be an increase in the number Television viewers. Nonetheless, we thought we might discuss some good kitchen habits.

• Keep a full stock of basic ingredients – Different flours, different sugars, baking powder, plenty of butter and Bicarb of soda. It is horrible to find you have run out while part way through a recipe.
• Packaged spice is okay, but grinding you own is even better. A small coffee grinder can do this well; or use a pestle and mortar.
• Most multitasking is risky and not recommended, but playing music while you cook is okay. You might even time things with the right song.
• Aprons, tablecloths on benchtops, newspaper over spill areas …etc. all make clean-up easier.

• Read recipes carefully. It is easy to miss something. Try reading recipes in advance while on the smartphone or other device.
• Enjoy the process of cooking. Be creative with the process, be social with the results.
• Good quality ingredients make all the difference. If you are spending your time cooking then make sure it’s not compromised with substandard ingredients. Organic egg, real butter …etc.
• Room temperature ingredients tend to be better than cold ingredient from the fridge. Room temperature should be medium cool.
• Line up all the ingredient in advance.

• Buy some good measuring spoons, cup and devices. Check the accuracy of scales.
• It can be hard to measure sticky things like honey or syrup as they stick to the spoon. Try coating the spoon with oil first.
• Put a cloth under chopping boards of mixing bowls to stop them slipping.
• Make notes in your cookbooks or recipe pages as you learn from cooking your experience.

• Preheat ovens. This give a more accurate cooking time because you are not including the time it takes for the oven to heat. It also prevent you from making the mistake of forgetting to turn the oven on.
• Use times for the right cooking time. Many apps are available for this.
• If you are cooking for family / children’s lunches it helps to make larger batches. Cook enough biscuits to last a week.
• Experiment in small steps, and in small batches. You will discover a few good ideas this way, and make a lot is mistakes.
• Appearance of the food is part of the point. Make you tasty cake look tasty too.

Special Occasion Cakes Sydney
Special occasions often work well with a cake, especially one decorated to suit the occasion.
For those once in a life time events we suggest a professional custom cake. Sydney wide delivery is available for wedding cakes and other major events.

Custom made cakes Sydney

Custom made cakes Sydney

Habits Holding Back

Custom made cakes Sydney
Almost everybody encourages a creative approach. But this is easier said than done. We can find ourselves struggling to find creative ideas, or find that we still create within the same old framework. We probably develop a few habits over time, and while there was some creativity when the habits first formed, after a while we find we are falling into a rut.

Art in the 20th century sort to break out of the framework that had previously been taken for granted. Preciously, a picture was painted on a flat piece of canvas, then framed. There was no limit to the number of pictures that could be painted, but the picture frame was still a limitation. Sculpture has already gone beyond this, but this had its own type of framework, still being an object on a stand, still be an object that stood in isolation.

20th century art did away with framework and blurred art with the surroundings. Artists would paint a park bench, or part of a building, and include aspects of the bench or building into their design. Advertising followed suit. An advertisement for chocolate would use a park bench, with the wooden slats being painted to look like partially unwrapped chocolate. A famous advertisement for the zoo painted a snake wrapped around a bus.

Custom cakes Sydney
Cake design picked up on this approach. Instead of painting a design on a cake the cake became the design. Cakes became sculptures of cartoon characters or sporting equipment. New edible materials made it easier to make unusual shapes with cake. Printing graphics and bright colours also progressed, allowing people to realize the ideas in their heads.

Special occasion cakes Sydney
When look for creative options it can be tempting to abandon structure altogether. But this quickly turn s to chaos. In truth, we want to make a new structure from ground up. If we have an idea we want to turn it into a design. Not just a picture on a cake, but a cake that is the idea that previously existed only in out head.

If we want a cake for a special occasion then we need to create something that goes with that occasion. Perhaps this should be the only limit. Wedding cakes reflect the happy couple and their wedding union. Birthday cakes reflect the interests of the person having the birthday. Hopefully we can realise the creative idea within the technical cooking skill that we possess.


Minimalism- Less Effort, Good Results

Minimalism- Less Effort, Good Results

Special Occasion Cakes Sydney
We would like to have a fancy cake for every occasion, or for any situation where we could find an excuse for eating cake. But this might be expecting too much. Then again, we could always have a simpler cake.

We can have a good looking cake with only moderate effort if we stick to a minimalism design. This is a cake with only a few design elements, but done in a tasteful way to achieve a strong effect. Like logos, symbols, or many fashion items a cake design can be effective with just a few placed lines and the right colours.

It’s not too difficult to make a cake with white icing. Adding some trim with one colour can be very vivid and effective. A white cake with blue trim looks great. And perhaps we can add one more element.

Cake Toppers
This is the old tradition of having an ornament on top of a cake. It has been done on plenty of wedding cakes – just a pair of bride and groom figures, or a cartoon character for a child’s cake. It’s easy, and you can keep the figure as a souvenir.

We can make any plain cake look fancy by adding a printed image on the top. Many bakeries do this for you, you just have to supply the digital file of the image that you want.
We actually would want to add too much to this cake with a printed image, as more detail would ruin the overall effect. This is more than minimalist design, but it takes minimal effort.

Simple Designs
We can cut out an image from hard icing and use this to decorate the cake. Simple images that work as silhouettes, like hearts, stars, flowers, butterflies, a football, Halloween pumpkins…etc., work well. Even the person’s name isn’t too difficult.

Custom Made Cakes Sydney
For a truly memorable event, life milestones like wedding, anniversaries, graduations …etc., we should go for a fancy custom made cake. Use the internet to find an idea you like, or even just a general concept, and let the cake specialists make a work of art for you event.

Custom Wedding Cake

Custom Wedding Cake

– Custom Wedding Cake

Special occasion cakes Sydneyy
Doing some wedding cake planning is great. We can attend a few wedding fairs. And not only do we look as a world of fancy cake designs, but we get to taste a few as well. This is perhaps one justifiable indulgence when we are watching our weigh before the wedding.
Wedding fairs go beyond what we find on find on the internet sites. Both will give us some great ideas. But the fair is more visceral, a real experience and a good indication of what to expect on the day. Nonetheless the research we do on the net will lead us in the right direction, and if we find out about the wedding fairs its usually online.
Talking to the vendors at a wedding fair is a good idea. They always have some experience based advice to impart. This person-to-person interaction has something that we cannot find with emails and blogsites.

Custom made cakes Sydney
Remember to consider the taste as well as the appearance of the cake. Some older folks consider the cake for decoration only. But these days we can usually have both. Of course these two factors interact- an intricate or tall cake must be made of something strong enough to hold together. Even on old wedding cake the royal icing was used because it was strong enough to support several tiers. But for the most part we can have a cake that tastes as good as it looks.

Wedding Cakes Sydney
The wedding preparations are meant to be enjoyable, as is the event itself. There is inevitable a little stress involved in this, as there is in any project. But even this should be a positive experience. It is a shame when the wedding preparations end up being the pursuit of perfection, or about impressing others. Go with the ideas that appeal to use, and retain a sense of playful fun And have the custom Wedding Cake you’ve always wanted.
A cake is an important, and memorable, part of any wedding. Find a cake design that you really like, and let us work out the details for you.

Special Occasion Cakes Sydney

Special Occasion Cakes Sydney

Special occasion cakes Sydney is a special subject bakers in Sydney love to blather about.

Sweet Olivia started creating Sydney’s finest custom cakes since they opened their doors to the market. Sweet Olivia prides itself in taking your spectacular concepts, and based on them, create a work of art to be etched on memory forever!
With a passionate team that has great talent, we are able to create eye-popping creations. Suitable for small intimate gatherings and for the huge special occasions that you need to celebrate.

Every cake we come up with is freshly baked on site, using only the freshest ingredients. We do this to make sure that your cake will delight your palette as well as please you eyes.

With Sweet Olivia, every cake is a work of art designed to fit into each celebration perfectly. Each artisanal cake is crafted with the utmost care and careful attention to minute details. Alluring as they may be, they can stand on their own with regards taste. Without a tinge of a doubt, they’re delicious and decadent desserts.

Allow me to say it again – they are incredibly delicious, utterly delectable, and artistically created cakes that were made with love.

Special occasion cakes Sydney is a topic bakers in Sydney and people thinking of ordering cakes for special occasions love to chatter about.

Considering a Wedding Cake

Considering a Wedding Cake

Older style wedding cakes tended to fall into traditional patterns. Cakes were white, had several layers and were topped off with a little model of the bride and groom. This changed over time, partly because of changing fashion, partly because of what cooking technology made possible. Today we might still have an eye on past traditions, but modern trends are more diverse than ever, influenced by many foreign traditions but more concerned individual style and taste.

Custom Made Cakes Sydney
The older approach was to have a standard, often round, cake and then decorate it in a fancy manner. This decoration was often the creative element, with the basic cake staying the same.
There are plenty of fine, even impressive cakes, made with the ‘decorate a basic white cake approach’. But today we can make the cake itself the decoration rather than the thing to be decorated. It is not too difficult to make cakes in all sort of unusual shapes, and decorate at it accordingly.

Considerations for Custom Cakes
• It will have to be large enough to feed all the guests at least a small slice.
• Will it be under hot lights, kept frozen or served outside? Some cakes accommodate this, some cakes need to be kept cold.
• A single idea for a design, or perhaps two combined ides are the best approach. Anything beyond this can turn into a monstrosity.
• Transporting the cake is always a consideration.
• Consider how you will feel about your cake design in the future. A novelty idea that seems comical now may be embarrassing when you look back at your photos in the future.


Considering a Wedding cake 22

Considering a Wedding Cake 

Wedding Cakes Sydney
A wedding is meant to be the once in a lifetime event where you can go overboard. This includes the cake, which is surly one of the memorable images at any wedding.
It’s okay to be inspired by some wedding traditions, but don’t ever regard these traditions as limitations. Creativity and individuality are more important. So go beyond the generic ideas and think of the cake design that you be proud to see in your wedding photos. And be assured that the cake will taste great too

Custom Cake Sydney – Making a Stand

Custom Cake Sydney – Making a Stand
A Decorated Cake cake is such a work of art, why not put it on a stand, literally.

Glass Stands
Glass is unobtrusive. It will not really add or take anything away from the décor, it will simply life the cake up a little. As such a glass stand can be sturdy and fairly bulky without ruining the aesthetic of the cake.
More than few people have a glass stand as a family heirloom.

Porcelain Stands
Plain porcelain stands are slightly neutral; they will not detract from the actual cake. Else, a decorated porcelain stand can actually be good for a simple but elegant cake. But for the most part we would stick with a plain stand.

Wire stands
Wire stands usually have a lot going for them. They might not have the debonair elegance of a sculpture, but they can be fancy. If you search there are wire cake stands shaped like Ferris wheels or merry-go-rounds. The Ferris wheel was designed to have 8 little cupcakes in their own little carriages. The merry-go-round could also hold cupcakes, or any other cake that had a hole through the middle.
Wire stands tend not to break and you will have very little issue with cake getting stuck to the surface. But they may be a little bit plain for a fancy wedding cake.

Metal Stands
There are countless metals that work well here, but copper is especially effective with white cake. Brass is equally good. Imagine a flat top stand with an intricate cast pattern at the base.

Wood Stands
Wood stands are another classic type of cake stand. They are more robust than glass or porcelain, but can be more debonair than wire. Wood ranges from fancy carvings to rustic logs.
Dark wood can look good with a vivid white cake.

Layered Stands
An alternative to the layered wedding cake cake is the multi-level stand with a layer of cake at each level. If nothing else this is easier to transport.

Domed Stands
Cakes can be kept under a dome that can be as elaborate as the stand or confectionary. Domes range in shape, though the common option of plain glass dome is often best if you want to show off the cake.

Stand and Wedding Cake Sydney Stand and Wedding Cake Sydney
Remember that the cake and the stand are being presented together. If they don’t match somehow, it they are both fancy in different ways, then the resulting clash can ruin the effect of both. A plain stand can suit a fancy cake, and occasionally a simple, elegant cake can look better on a fancy stand. There are no simple rules here, only that the end results must look right.


Creativity and Custom Made Cakes Sydney
The point with a custom made cake design it to do something creative and appropriate to the situation. Some people find this hard because they lack the cooking and artistic skills to realize their creative ideas. Other people find this hard because they lack the creativity to come up with any good ideas in the first place. This is rather frustrating.
Everybody was creative when they were young. As children we were confronted with new experiences and our minds worked to put it all together in order to make sense of the surrounding world. As adults we are forced to do this again when we encounter new situations, experiences and information and try to make sense of them, and there is at least some creativity in this. We cease to be creative when we simply reuse the old ideas and habits that we formed years ago, or when we just follow somebody else’s ideas or conventions.
We can foster some creativity by:
• Doing things in different ways. Perform a daily task in a different way, as long as it isn’t urgent or compromising safety in any way.
• Write a set amount of words every day.
• Try new food items, especially foreign foods or something from our grandparents’ generation.
• Cooking from a book, and try to vary the recipe. Never try this for the first time if you entertaining guests. Experiment on your own and only show the guest he successful products
• Think of alternative way to use any an everyday object.
• Look at how one object resembles another, perhaps even superficially.
• Keep a visual diary of anything that catches your eye.
• Keep a diary of any interesting ideas and thoughts, and make a note of the fact that these are your thoughts.
• Keep a list of interesting quotes by others. Make a note of the source of these quotes so you don’t accidentally remember them as your own work (plagiarism).
• Keep a note of any interesting dreams, because our unconscious is creative.
• Find a solution to a problem. Brainstorm by writing down anything loosely associates with the problem. Ideas come when you start to connect bits and pieces together.
• Read comics, short stories, comedies, jokes and light entertainment.
• Read the autobiographies and anecdotes of famous artists or creative thinkers.
• Look at classic and modern art. The internet has endless resources for this.
• Ask yourself how to capture an emotion or experience in an image.
• When you see something that attracts you attention, look for the aspect that you find appealing. Can these aspects be used elsewhere?
• Remember that the experience we have of an object or phenomena is different to the actual thing itself. And that everybody else is having a different experience of that thing. Imagine a different experience/interpretation.
• Remember that we are well beyond the idea of putting a decoration on a cake. The cake is made to be the decoration.
The only bad use of creativity is dishonesty. But if we are obviously sticking to fiction even this should not be an issue.
Special Occasion Cakes Sydney
Have a cake or cookie design that captures something for the occasion. The creative design is memorable, and perhaps enough to make an occasion memorable too.