Wedding themes, and wedding cakes:

Themes for Weddings and Cakes

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Many weddings have a theme. Even a traditional wedding is a theme in its own way. It makes sense to have wedding cakes that fit the theme
Of course the happy couple should choose a theme that suits them. But finding something that suits the individual often means looking at various ideas to find some inspiration; and combining ideas creatively is a good option too.
The reception venue and budget are amounst the first considerations when considering a theme. But even if these are limitations there are always some good possibilities within those limitations.

Wedding themes, and wedding cakes:
• Rustic is popular. Old wood, ivy, family heirloom lace, candles, outdoor settings.
• The beach. Set up a tent at the beach. Weather is the only real problem. Very Australian.

• Winter warmth weddings – This became even more popular after the animated Frozen Film. Snow and warm fireplaces work well.
• Bohemian – an over the top eccentric art style. Mix things into their own unorthodox pattern.
• Art Deco – geometric shapes, contrasts and bold colours
• A colour might seem too simple, but it is versatile; a colour scheme can be applied to almost anything.

Think of a mood of décor for a reception hall. It might not be a favourite colour, but it may be the colour that suits your wedding, and the design for wedding cakes. If you’re stuck, start with white and add one colour trim like blue, lavender or mauve.

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Discuss the wedding theme when considering the cake. There will be countless way to incorporate the ideas.

On easily overlooked consideration is the impulsiveness of youth and overenthusiasm. It is too easy to choose a novelty theme that later proves embarrassing. Think of yourself looking at the wedding photos in middle age, and wondering if the silly novelty theme might have been a big mistake.