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For many years, we have been delivering quality custom made cakes and wedding cakes on various occasions in Sydney. Our creativity and passion on crafting wonderful sugar arts surely will pump up the excitement. These cakes give your events and will give an extra boost. Whether you’re having a celebration of your wedding day with your loved ones or treating your children with their favourite cartoon characters, Sweet Olivia can make the cakes you’re dreaming about come true. Please contact us now for more info. For an idea of what we do,You’re more than welcome to visit our store in Sydney!

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Sweet Olivia is proud to create decadent and bespoke cakes and cupcakes to cater to your celebratory event or happy occasion. Custom made cakes in Sydney are hot for every customer looking for well-designed and delectable cakes. We take pride in baking every cake fresh to order, using only the finest ingredients and extra care. Our cakes are baked from scratch with absolutely no preservatives, each cake is completely hand-finished to ensure that they look as good as they taste!

Wedding cakes Sydney
Sweet Olivia looks forward to working with you to create a beautiful bespoken cake or custom-designed cupcakes for your next special occasion. We help you amaze everyone at your best friend’s bridal shower with beautiful wedding dress-inspired cupcakes. Take those precious first birthday photos of your baby happily digging into their first birthday cake. Whatever delicious designs you dream of, we’ll make them a freshly-baked reality.

Wedding themes, and wedding cakes:

Themes for Weddings and Cakes

Wedding Cakes Sydney
Many weddings have a theme. Even a traditional wedding is a theme in its own way. It makes sense to have wedding cakes that fit the theme
Of course the happy couple should choose a theme that suits them. But finding something that suits the individual often means looking at various ideas to find some inspiration; and combining ideas creatively is a good option too.
The reception venue and budget are amounst the first considerations when considering a theme. But even if these are limitations there are always some good possibilities within those limitations.

Wedding themes, and wedding cakes:
• Rustic is popular. Old wood, ivy, family heirloom lace, candles, outdoor settings.
• The beach. Set up a tent at the beach. Weather is the only real problem. Very Australian.

• Winter warmth weddings – This became even more popular after the animated Frozen Film. Snow and warm fireplaces work well.
• Bohemian – an over the top eccentric art style. Mix things into their own unorthodox pattern.
• Art Deco – geometric shapes, contrasts and bold colours
• A colour might seem too simple, but it is versatile; a colour scheme can be applied to almost anything.

Think of a mood of décor for a reception hall. It might not be a favourite colour, but it may be the colour that suits your wedding, and the design for wedding cakes. If you’re stuck, start with white and add one colour trim like blue, lavender or mauve.

Custom cakes Sydney
Discuss the wedding theme when considering the cake. There will be countless way to incorporate the ideas.

On easily overlooked consideration is the impulsiveness of youth and overenthusiasm. It is too easy to choose a novelty theme that later proves embarrassing. Think of yourself looking at the wedding photos in middle age, and wondering if the silly novelty theme might have been a big mistake.

Cakes and Candles

Cakes and Candles

Cakes and Candles

The tradition of putting candles on cakes, especially for birthdays, seems to go back centuries. But the exact origin is lost. The ancient Greeks put candles on cakes for some religious occasions, but this has nothing to do with birthdays. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and many religions latter put candles on cakes. The tradition of using candles for individual birthdays seems to have developed the 1700s in Germany.

Custom Cakes Sydney
The tradition of candles on cakes has not died out, but there is competition from other cake decorations. For centuries there were a limited number ways to decorate a cake. Simple designs and candles were all there was to offer. But today cakes are made in all shape, sizes and colours. The cake design often reflects the occasion. It would seem odd to put candles on many of these cakes. The cake design stands alone.

Of course we could make the candle part of the decoration. There are plenty of candles in the shape of letters, which we use to spell out a message or name. Or candles with the numbers that comprise the individuals age.

It is not too much of a jump to have a candle in the shape of poplar cartoon figure. This is almost enough decoration for a simple cake, though it hardly shows much imagination.
With some forethought we could combine the candles with the cake decoration. In fact, not doing this could means that the birthday candles ruin the look of the cake.
Small, plain white candles shouldn’t intrude on the cake design too much. Else, try to find candles that match the colour of the cake décor.

Custom Made Cakes Sydney
If an occasion is a significant and happy event it is worth celebrating. A custom designed cake makes any occasion memorable. And with digital camera and social media a picture of the cake makes a worthwhile post.
Have an artsy cake that symbolizes the occasion.