Cooking Kitchen Habits

Kitchen Habits

Cooking Kitchen Habits
We believe cooking is a creative and healthy pastime. If the number of television cooking show is any indication then home cooking is becoming increasingly popular. Though this may just be an increase in the number Television viewers. Nonetheless, we thought we might discuss some good kitchen habits.

• Keep a full stock of basic ingredients – Different flours, different sugars, baking powder, plenty of butter and Bicarb of soda. It is horrible to find you have run out while part way through a recipe.
• Packaged spice is okay, but grinding you own is even better. A small coffee grinder can do this well; or use a pestle and mortar.
• Most multitasking is risky and not recommended, but playing music while you cook is okay. You might even time things with the right song.
• Aprons, tablecloths on benchtops, newspaper over spill areas …etc. all make clean-up easier.

• Read recipes carefully. It is easy to miss something. Try reading recipes in advance while on the smartphone or other device.
• Enjoy the process of cooking. Be creative with the process, be social with the results.
• Good quality ingredients make all the difference. If you are spending your time cooking then make sure it’s not compromised with substandard ingredients. Organic egg, real butter …etc.
• Room temperature ingredients tend to be better than cold ingredient from the fridge. Room temperature should be medium cool.
• Line up all the ingredient in advance.

• Buy some good measuring spoons, cup and devices. Check the accuracy of scales.
• It can be hard to measure sticky things like honey or syrup as they stick to the spoon. Try coating the spoon with oil first.
• Put a cloth under chopping boards of mixing bowls to stop them slipping.
• Make notes in your cookbooks or recipe pages as you learn from cooking your experience.

• Preheat ovens. This give a more accurate cooking time because you are not including the time it takes for the oven to heat. It also prevent you from making the mistake of forgetting to turn the oven on.
• Use times for the right cooking time. Many apps are available for this.
• If you are cooking for family / children’s lunches it helps to make larger batches. Cook enough biscuits to last a week.
• Experiment in small steps, and in small batches. You will discover a few good ideas this way, and make a lot is mistakes.
• Appearance of the food is part of the point. Make you tasty cake look tasty too.

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