Custom made cakes Sydney

Custom made cakes Sydney

Habits Holding Back

Custom made cakes Sydney
Almost everybody encourages a creative approach. But this is easier said than done. We can find ourselves struggling to find creative ideas, or find that we still create within the same old framework. We probably develop a few habits over time, and while there was some creativity when the habits first formed, after a while we find we are falling into a rut.

Art in the 20th century sort to break out of the framework that had previously been taken for granted. Preciously, a picture was painted on a flat piece of canvas, then framed. There was no limit to the number of pictures that could be painted, but the picture frame was still a limitation. Sculpture has already gone beyond this, but this had its own type of framework, still being an object on a stand, still be an object that stood in isolation.

20th century art did away with framework and blurred art with the surroundings. Artists would paint a park bench, or part of a building, and include aspects of the bench or building into their design. Advertising followed suit. An advertisement for chocolate would use a park bench, with the wooden slats being painted to look like partially unwrapped chocolate. A famous advertisement for the zoo painted a snake wrapped around a bus.

Custom cakes Sydney
Cake design picked up on this approach. Instead of painting a design on a cake the cake became the design. Cakes became sculptures of cartoon characters or sporting equipment. New edible materials made it easier to make unusual shapes with cake. Printing graphics and bright colours also progressed, allowing people to realize the ideas in their heads.

Special occasion cakes Sydney
When look for creative options it can be tempting to abandon structure altogether. But this quickly turn s to chaos. In truth, we want to make a new structure from ground up. If we have an idea we want to turn it into a design. Not just a picture on a cake, but a cake that is the idea that previously existed only in out head.

If we want a cake for a special occasion then we need to create something that goes with that occasion. Perhaps this should be the only limit. Wedding cakes reflect the happy couple and their wedding union. Birthday cakes reflect the interests of the person having the birthday. Hopefully we can realise the creative idea within the technical cooking skill that we possess.