Minimalism- Less Effort, Good Results

Minimalism- Less Effort, Good Results

Special Occasion Cakes Sydney
We would like to have a fancy cake for every occasion, or for any situation where we could find an excuse for eating cake. But this might be expecting too much. Then again, we could always have a simpler cake.

We can have a good looking cake with only moderate effort if we stick to a minimalism design. This is a cake with only a few design elements, but done in a tasteful way to achieve a strong effect. Like logos, symbols, or many fashion items a cake design can be effective with just a few placed lines and the right colours.

It’s not too difficult to make a cake with white icing. Adding some trim with one colour can be very vivid and effective. A white cake with blue trim looks great. And perhaps we can add one more element.

Cake Toppers
This is the old tradition of having an ornament on top of a cake. It has been done on plenty of wedding cakes – just a pair of bride and groom figures, or a cartoon character for a child’s cake. It’s easy, and you can keep the figure as a souvenir.

We can make any plain cake look fancy by adding a printed image on the top. Many bakeries do this for you, you just have to supply the digital file of the image that you want.
We actually would want to add too much to this cake with a printed image, as more detail would ruin the overall effect. This is more than minimalist design, but it takes minimal effort.

Simple Designs
We can cut out an image from hard icing and use this to decorate the cake. Simple images that work as silhouettes, like hearts, stars, flowers, butterflies, a football, Halloween pumpkins…etc., work well. Even the person’s name isn’t too difficult.

Custom Made Cakes Sydney
For a truly memorable event, life milestones like wedding, anniversaries, graduations …etc., we should go for a fancy custom made cake. Use the internet to find an idea you like, or even just a general concept, and let the cake specialists make a work of art for you event.