Creativity and Custom Made Cakes Sydney
The point with a custom made cake design it to do something creative and appropriate to the situation. Some people find this hard because they lack the cooking and artistic skills to realize their creative ideas. Other people find this hard because they lack the creativity to come up with any good ideas in the first place. This is rather frustrating.
Everybody was creative when they were young. As children we were confronted with new experiences and our minds worked to put it all together in order to make sense of the surrounding world. As adults we are forced to do this again when we encounter new situations, experiences and information and try to make sense of them, and there is at least some creativity in this. We cease to be creative when we simply reuse the old ideas and habits that we formed years ago, or when we just follow somebody else’s ideas or conventions.
We can foster some creativity by:
• Doing things in different ways. Perform a daily task in a different way, as long as it isn’t urgent or compromising safety in any way.
• Write a set amount of words every day.
• Try new food items, especially foreign foods or something from our grandparents’ generation.
• Cooking from a book, and try to vary the recipe. Never try this for the first time if you entertaining guests. Experiment on your own and only show the guest he successful products
• Think of alternative way to use any an everyday object.
• Look at how one object resembles another, perhaps even superficially.
• Keep a visual diary of anything that catches your eye.
• Keep a diary of any interesting ideas and thoughts, and make a note of the fact that these are your thoughts.
• Keep a list of interesting quotes by others. Make a note of the source of these quotes so you don’t accidentally remember them as your own work (plagiarism).
• Keep a note of any interesting dreams, because our unconscious is creative.
• Find a solution to a problem. Brainstorm by writing down anything loosely associates with the problem. Ideas come when you start to connect bits and pieces together.
• Read comics, short stories, comedies, jokes and light entertainment.
• Read the autobiographies and anecdotes of famous artists or creative thinkers.
• Look at classic and modern art. The internet has endless resources for this.
• Ask yourself how to capture an emotion or experience in an image.
• When you see something that attracts you attention, look for the aspect that you find appealing. Can these aspects be used elsewhere?
• Remember that the experience we have of an object or phenomena is different to the actual thing itself. And that everybody else is having a different experience of that thing. Imagine a different experience/interpretation.
• Remember that we are well beyond the idea of putting a decoration on a cake. The cake is made to be the decoration.
The only bad use of creativity is dishonesty. But if we are obviously sticking to fiction even this should not be an issue.
Special Occasion Cakes Sydney
Have a cake or cookie design that captures something for the occasion. The creative design is memorable, and perhaps enough to make an occasion memorable too.