Special Occasion Cakes Sydney
Special Occasion Cakes Sydney

Today it is possible to have very fancy decorations for cakes. T If fact, it is often the cake that is the decoration. I Instead of adding something to a generic cake design we design and construct a cake that is thee dimensional and colourful. It is almost a shame to eat it.

But there are some basic concepts that apply to all cake designs, from the simple to the elaborate. The right colours make all the difference.

Orange – fun, positive, security, stimulating.
Pink – tranquil, feminine, sensual.
White – Purity, neatness. Good for a background to other colours.
Brown – warm, organic. Popular with cakes because it is associated with chocolate.
Red – bold, energetic, masculine
Blue (dark) – smart and sophisticated. Calm
Yellow – optimism, bright sunniness.
Green – natural, stable.
Purple – luxurious, royal. Perhaps mystery.
Grey – Neutral, sometimes bland
Black – strength, but perhaps heavy and cold.

If we are creating a cake that is based on a cartoon image we probably won’t worry too much about colours; we just use the same colour scheme as the source image. Though we might still be putting this image on a background, so the background colour will have to be suitable. White is a safe bet. Pastel colours often work.

Almost any colour can work as trim on a white or pastel background. The effect of the colour is more subdued this case, but still effective.

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Colour is part of any design. Think of the emotion that is appropriate for you event, and think of what colours go with this. This is a good starting point for any cake design.