Cakes and Experiences

Special occasion cakes Sydney

Life is about experiences. We do have possessions, we do form an understanding of the world around us, and we do socially interact with people. But all these things tie to experiences. Possessions are no good unless we have the experience of using them, hopefully though sharing them with other people. Any understanding of the work is built upon our collected experiences. And social interaction is perhaps the most important experience of all.

The best experiences of like should be celebrated with friends, colleagues, and family. And this is all the better if we can customise the celebration to suit the occasion. Custom cakes are great for just about any celebration.

Custom cakes Sydney

We can design a cake to suit any occasion, wedding, birthdays, graduations …etc. The cake can make any occasion memorable, or more memorable.

If you want to celebrate an event, then make the most of the opportunity that will never come again, and include a custom cake.

Photographing the Cake

Custom Cakes Sydney

The cake may not be the main point of an occasion, but it can certainly make an occasion more memorable.

With all the effort, design and decoration put into making a cake it is usually worth preserving with a few photos. In some big occasions, like a wedding, an immaculate image of the cake is considered essential.

Some Advice for Culinary photos

– Look at the cake from all angles and find what looks best. There might be more than one good angle; you can take more than one photo.
– Try to use natural light if possible. Light and shadow should bring out the details not obscure any part of the cake.
– If you use artificial light it is often best to use soft light reflected off a surface rather than direct illumination. But direct light at the appropriate angle can work in some situations.
– A few related item around the cake, like wedding ornaments or birthday presents, can work well. But the cake should be the main photo.
– Try to have a sharply focuses cake image with a blurred background. A long camera lens, 100 to 200mm, is idea for this, Avoid a wide lens which will distort the proportions of the cake.
– Smaller digital cameras often have a few pre-sets. Try the ‘culinary’ presenting if it has one.
– Smartphones take better photos than one might expect. This is partly because of the software algorithms, but largely because we can see the photo as we take it. It is a fairly simple matter to move the camera around until we find a good image, and then take the photo.

Wedding Cakes Sydney

White cakes are notoriously difficult to photography, especially with automatic cameras. Like the white bridal dress they confuse the automatic sensors of the camera, so the photo tend to be underexposed.

These type of photos tend to be best taken with higher end equipment and experienced photographers.

A memorable cake is worth a few photos.