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Wedding Cakes Sydney
Wedding cakes often try to combine traditional practices with individual style. Today, with modern technology, this is easier than ever.
The modern internet give us access to dozens of foreign traditions. We can see wedding cakes anywhere from the Middle East and Asia through to medieval Europe. This is a source of inspiration for all. There is always something to inspire anybody and everybody. Often we have too many options to choose from.

Wedding Cakes North Shore
Modern cakes can be fancier than ever. Not only is it easier to obtain every possible ingredient and colour, not only do we have no end of cultural influences from foreign cultures to popular cartoons, but we can even use computers to help us make cake designs.
Wedding cakes are about decoration, style and design, and a cake that tastes great. We can combine your personal style with any traditional that inspires you. Have the cake you really want for the day that is so important for you. And have the best memories possible.




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We believe cooking is a creative and healthy pastime. If the number of television cooking show is any indication then home cooking is becoming increasingly popular. Though this may just be an increase in the number Television viewers. Nonetheless, we thought we might discuss some good kitchen habits.

  • Keep a full stock of basic ingredients – Different flours, different sugars, baking powder, plenty of butter and Bicarb of soda. It is horrible to find you have run out while part way through a recipe.
  • Packaged spice is okay, but grinding you own is even better, a small coffee grinder can do this well; or use a pestle and mortar.
  • Most multitasking is risk and nor recommended, but playing music while you cook is okay. You might even time things with the right song.
  • Aprons, tablecloths on benchtops, newspaper over spill areas …etc. all make clean-up easier.
  • Read recipes carefully. It is easy to miss something. Try reading recipes in advance while on the smartphone or other device.
  • Enjoy the process of cooking. Be creative with the process, be social with the results.
  • Good quality ingredients make all the difference. If you are spending your time cooking then make sure it’s not compromised with substandard ingredients. Organic egg, real butter …etc.
  • Room temperature ingredients tend to be better than cold ingredient from the fridge. Room temperature should be medium cool.
  • Line up all the ingredient in advance.
  • Buy some good measuring spoons, cup and devices. Check the accuracy of scales.
  • It can be hard to measure sticky things like honey or syrup as they stick to the spoon. Try coating the spoon with oil first.
  • Put a cloth under chopping boards of mixing bowls to stop them slipping.
  • Make notes in your cookbooks or recipe pages as you learn from cooking your experience.
  • Preheat ovens. This give a more accurate cooking time because you are not including the time it takes for the oven to heat. It also prevent you from making the mistake of forgetting to turn the oven on.
  • Use times for the right cooking time. Many apps are available for this.
  • If you are cooking for family / children’s lunches it helps to make larger batches. Cook enough biscuits to last a week.
  • Experiment in small steps, and in small batches. You will discover a few good ideas this way, and make a lot is mistakes.
  • Appearance of the food is part of the point. Make you tasty cake look tasty too.

Special Occasion Cakes Sydney

Special occasions often work well with a cake, especially one decorated to suit the occasion.

For those once in a life time events we suggest a professional custom cake. Sydney wide delivery is available for wedding cakes and other major events.

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Decorating Wedding Cakes Sydney

Wedding cakes have had a little ‘topper’ decoration for generations. These have often been popular on birthday cakes too. But more recently the cakes have had their decorations as part of the cake itself; the decoration was edible. This completely edible style cake is an impressive feat, though a topper that acts as a keepsake also has a certain appeal.

Using the topper as a keepsake predates photos. Today we have multiple photos of the wedding, and many images of the cake, to remember the wedding by, so we don’t need the topper.

Yet a cake topper decoration can still be incorporated into a cake, wedding or otherwise.

Some poplar ideas:

  • A little bride and groom – a classic idea that never goes out of style.
  • The bride and groom as children.
  • Cartoon characters
  • Cute Animals –  Penguins, butterflies …etc.
  • The married couple as animals that suit their personality.
  • Married couples (new) name.
  • Horse Drawn Wedding Coaches.
  • Light hearted and comical ideas are Okay, but you don’t want to be embarrassed by them when you look back in ten year’s time.
  • Wooden toppers, handcrafted and DIY.
  • Silhouette metal images of the happy couple. These can be laser cut from a single piece of metal. Black and gold silhouettes work well, especially if lit from behind.
  • Any heirloom topper from your (great) grandparents.

Modern Custom Wedding Cakes Sydney

If you have you heart set on a cake topping decoration you can probably have it incorporated into a modern cake design.

Talk to us about your wedding cake design.SW Website slider24

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Special Occasion Cake Sydney

There are countless traditions around the world, many of which are celebrated with catering and a cake.

  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • End of School
  • Reunions
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Moon Festivals
  • Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs
  • New Year
  • Groundhog Day
  • Festivals
  • Election wins
  • Baby Showers
  • National events
  • Closing a business deal
  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Promotion
  • Close the great business deal
  • Opening and closing Night for live plays and musicals.
  • National Holidays
  • Halloween
  • Saint Patricks Day

Custom Cakes Sydney

A cake to celebrate an occasion is one thing; a cake that is appropriate to the occasion is even better. Why not customize the cake for the occasion, or for the individual.

Lacking for ideas? Look at our gallery and try to choose between all the options. Try looking at what the internet has for other cultures and their traditional cakes. Or if you already have something in mind ask us, we love doing custom cake designs. Anything that reflects the occasion can be done in some fashion

Wedding Cakes Sydney

Of course the cake is a very important part of any wedding. Yet with all the tradition there is still great scope for the happy couple to add a personal touch, or even a completely unique cake. Google has left us spoilt for choice. Find the ideas that appeal to you and let us produce at least one of the cakes you dreamed up.



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A decorated cake is such a work of art, why not put it on a stand, literally.
Glass Stands
Glass is unobtrusive. It will not really add or take anything away from the décor, it will simply life the cake up a little. As such a glass stand can be sturdy and fairly bulky without ruining the aesthetic of the cake.
More than few people have a glass stand as a family heirloom.

Porcelain Stands
Plain porcelain stands are slightly neutral; they will not detract from the actual cake. Else, a decorated porcelain stand can actually be good for a simple but elegant cake. But for the most part we would stick with a plain stand.

Wire stands
Wire stands usually have a lot going for them. They might not have the debonair elegance of a sculpture, but they can be fancy. If you search there are wire cake stands shaped like Ferris wheels or merry-go-rounds. The Ferris wheel was designed to have 8 little cupcakes in their own little carriages. The merry-go-round could also hold cupcakes, or any other cake that had a hole through the middle.
Wire stands tend not to break and you will have very little issue with cake getting stuck to the surface. But they may be a little bit plain for a fancy wedding cake.

Metal Stands
There are countless metals that work well here, but copper is especially effective with white cake. Brass is equally good. Imagine a flat top stand with an intricate cast pattern at the base.

Wood Stands
Wood stands are another classic type of cake stand. They are more robust than glass or porcelain, but can be more debonair than wire. Wood ranges from fancy carvings to rustic logs.
Dark wood can look good with a vivid white cake.

Layered Stands
An alternative to the layered wedding cake is the multi-level stand with a layer of cake at each level. If nothing else this is easier to transport.

Domed Stands
Cakes can be kept under a dome that can be as elaborate as the stand or confectionary. Domes range in shape, though the common option of plain glass dome is often best if you want to show off the cake.

Stand and Wedding Cake Sydney
Remember that the cake and the stand are being presented together. If they don’t match somehow, it they are both fancy in different ways, then the resulting clash can ruin the effect of both. A plain stand can suit a fancy cake, and occasionally a simple, elegant cake can look better on a fancy stand. There are no simple rules here, only that the end results must look right.

Vintage Pink Rose

Vintage Pink Rose

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Christmas Market

Christmas Market


17th December 10am-2pm
at SWEET OLIVIA Shop 4/ 22-24 Blenheim Rd, North Ryde

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Benefits of Cooking Classes

One thing we shouldn’t need to lease from a cooking class, a thing we should know already, is that cooking should never be looked at as a chore; cooking is healthy way to nourish you mind and spirit as well as your body. Cooking is creative and therapeutic and creative. I hear of plenty of people who eat comfort foods when stress or alienated; surly it’s a better idea to do some therapeutic cooking instead. It’s better for your waistline and lends itself far more to social interaction, i.e.: cooking for guests.

I don’t know if cakes are the best place to start with cooking, but with the huge number of options it shouldn’t surprise people that there are plenty of simple cake recipes to follow; and simple does not mean it isn’t fine tasting. Cakes are the most variable item when it comes to ingredients and decoration. They can be easily suited to any situation. Casual events can always benefit from a simple cake that tastes fine; huge celebrations and once a year events pretty much demand a fancy cake. And there’s a whole range of events and options in between. Start cooking with what you can do today and work your way up at your own pace. People will be impressed with what you start achieving after some practice. And if first you don’t succeed you can cover is up by eating you own mistakes!

Yet life is no more segregated than our mind is. The aim of a cake might be to look and taste good, but the sense of achievement is nothing to ignore. But like those crossword puzzles or brain exercises some of us play on line the benefits of creating a custom cake have results that reach beyond the task at hand. Somehow those exercises always help us to think more clearly, to concentrate a little better. I’m told learning is best encouraged with a reward at the end of the task. What better way to cater to this than eating the well prepared result of you labours.

One benefit of cooking that crept up on me is the sense of cultural awareness. Just cooking something considered traditional for western culture sowed me there was more to these occasions that just social obligation. I remember skipping over the pages of Enid Blyton books where the characters sat down to eat tea; now I see how much people appreciate the effort that goes into these things. And looking at foreign cuisine I see how much history is behind so much cooking. Even if I am copying a recipe to the letter I am producing an item that several individuals took a great deal of time to develop. And if I develop a new idea, I’m still building on the foundations that came about as the result of thousands of other cooks finding viable methods.

There’s a philosophical point here. Cooking expands my mind as an individual, but makes me more aware of my place in the greater scheme of things. Whoever said such things were mutually exclusive.

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Grace wedding cake

“Grace” of 2 tier Wedding Cake

When: 22th,23th June 2014(sat, sun) / 10am to 1:00pm
Price: $529.00

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Ruffle Buttercream Cake for Mother’s Day

When: 10th May 2014(Sat)  / 10am to 2pm
Price: $139.00

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Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Frill with Egg mini Cake

When: 15th April 2014(Tue)  / 10am to 2pm
Price: $99.00

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