Custom Christmas Cakes

Christmas Custom cakes Sydney There are a plethora of ways to decorate cakes for Christmas. Traditional Christmas cakes in Europe were fruit cakes. And the decor was white icing with a little holly. As fruit cakes are not exactly common for the rest of the year this type of Christmas cake remains part of the...Read the Full Post >

Simple Child’s Cake Design

Custom cakes Sydney A cake is partly about the taste (few things taste as good as a cake, and those that do are often part of a cake) and partly about the appearance. We decorate a cake to look good, but even more importantly we decorate it in a manner that is appropriate to the...Read the Full Post >

Guerrilla Design

Custom Made Cakes Sydney For many centuries art would mostly work in a frame.  Picture had a frame with all the elements of the art within those four sides. Or art appeared on a vase, a book cover, a floor mural…etc. but in all cases these tended to exist within the limitations of another medium....Read the Full Post >

Wedding Cakes Sydney

Decorating Wedding Cakes Sydney Wedding cakes have had a little ‘topper’ decoration for generations. These have often been popular on birthday cakes too. But more recently the cakes have had their decorations as part of the cake itself; the decoration was edible. This completely edible style cake is an impressive feat, though a topper that...Read the Full Post >

Special Occasion Cakes Sydney

We believe cooking is a creative and healthy pastime. If the number of television cooking show is any indication then home cooking is becoming increasingly popular. Though this may just be an increase in the number Television viewers. Nonetheless, we thought we might discuss some good kitchen habits. Keep a full stock of basic ingredients...Read the Full Post >

Wedding Cakes North Shore

Wedding Cakes Sydney Wedding cakes often try to combine traditional practices with individual style. Today, with modern technology, this is easier than ever. The modern internet give us access to dozens of foreign traditions. We can see wedding cakes anywhere from the Middle East and Asia through to medieval Europe. This is a source of...Read the Full Post >

A Little Cake History

Wedding Cakes Sydney Having a cake at a wedding has been a tradition in many cultures since ancient times. But these cakes and traditions vary greatly. There have been countless styles of cake, which means modern couples have no end of ideas to choose from. Cakes in the ancient world wasn’t usually sweet. They were...Read the Full Post >

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