Sweet Olivia Sugar Arts cakes are an elegant, composed dessert as freshly baked and deliciously moist. We choose only fresh, premium quality ingredients because we firmly believe that all our cakes should taste as divine as they look!

Cake Flavours

Chocolate Mud Cake

A decadently rich cake. It’s not overly sweet and our most popular flavour. This cake is perfect for novelty cakes,
as it carves and holds it’s shape really well.

White Chocolate Mud Cake

The creamy nutty flavour of white chocolate.

Orange yoghurt Cake

Moist and spongy cake has a wonderful orange flavour and the zest adds nice texture.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake is very dramatic looking with its dark red color that is a rich,sweet and moist.

Vanilla Cake

A deliciously fragrant butter cake, made with natural vanilla beans and Pure Vanilla Extract.

Carrot Cake

The very best carrot cake made with freshly grated carrots and raisins;
walnuts can be added to the batter upon request

Fruit Cake

It is a moist and dense style of cake that includes dried and/or glace fruit in the recipe. Great choice for Christmas cakes and wedding cakes.