Ingredients for Decoration

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Cake decorations used to be wooden or plastic items placed on top of a plain cake. Else, the cake was decorated with different coloured icing. Over time the distinction between cake and decoration blurred, till the cake was made as both an appropriate decoration and as a fine piece of cuisine.

Of course, the many fine decoration elements were made of many different substances. Most contain sugar. But they vary in colour, texture and the way they can be used.

Royal Icing.

A very solid form of icing which is useful if the cake need to support some weight. Used for wedding cakes that support many tiers.

Royal icing is also good for fine lines, piping, boarders and other fine décor work. It preserves well.


Useful for making solid objects. It was used for sweets shaped like fruit or other items long before it was put on cakes. It can be coloured quite realistically. Very useful for cakes with figures or objects on top. Rather like a plastic toy, only edible.

Modelling Chocolate

A combination of chocolate and various syrups that is easy to form into shapes. White, dark and in-between shades of chocolate are quite common, so it is possible to decorate a cake with chocolate alone.

Edible Ink.

A breakthrough in the early 1990s. Photorealistic images could be printed on a cake. This made decorations as unlimited as the photographer’s imagination.

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