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For many centuries art would mostly work in a frame.  Picture had a frame with all the elements of the art within those four sides. Or art appeared on a vase, a book cover, a floor mural…etc. but in all cases these tended to exist within the limitations of another medium.

Surrealism, guerrilla design, dada, and other art movements of the 10th century challenged the notion of art working within a framework, suggesting that it was a limitation. Guerrilla design ideas would exist as free form physical works that took up as much space as they needed; there was no frame, it was an object that made an artistic statement be existing in the real physical world.

Modern examples of guerrilla design are not uncommon in the advertising world. A park bench painted to look like a chocolate bar, or a street sign made to look like a lollypop, a waste paper bin made to look like a basketball hoop. These consist of everyday objects modified to carry artistic advertising statements because of a similarity in shape. Other examples bound if one uses google.

Cake design is a little like the art movement. Cakes used to be simple shapes (round, square …etc.) with a decoration in the middle. This varies a little with multiple layers of cake, or 3D decorations. Latter, influenced perhaps by Guerrilla design, the cake became the design. Why not be shaped like a football, an animal, a car, a falling building, an animated character or anything else related to the person or occasion of the day?

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