Simple Child’s Cake Design

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A cake is partly about the taste (few things taste as good as a cake, and those that do are often part of a cake) and partly about the appearance. We decorate a cake to look good, but even more importantly we decorate it in a manner that is appropriate to the event (or person) that is being celebrated.

Older cake decorations were fairly straightforward. The cake was round or square, and then it was decorated. More modern cakes are shaped so that there is no clear distinction between cake and decoration; it isn’t a matter of a picture or decorations being applied to the top of the cake. Now the cake is shaped to be the decoration.

Being able to bake a cake in a fancy shape either takes considerable cooking skill, or perhaps a how-to-do-it guide for a specific cake; plenty of popular cooking magazine have articles about making a fancy cake from basic parts. But this tends to limit us to what others have done before us. But we can put this aside if we just want to decorate a simple cake.

Cartoon characters

Just about every child has a favourite cartoon character or two. It is not too difficult to put the face of their favourite cartoon character on a cake. These cartoons and comic drawings are based on simple lines and straight forward colouring; there is no shading and minimal complications. It is not hard to reproduce one of these cartoon drawing as an effective cake decoration.

Decorate the cake with hard icing, white is usually the best colour for decorating, but other options can work too.

A Photostat of a cartoon character (or something from the computer printer) is a good template for decorating a cake. Enlarge the design so that it fits neatly on the cake; there should be some space around the sides of the design; go with whatever looks neat.

Cut the Photostat up along the lines of the design, so the pieces fit together like a jigsaw. Reassemble the pieces in the way you want them on the cake. Then trace around each piece with a frosting pen, removing pieces of the template if it makes this tracing easier. There are other alternatives to frosting pens, like edible markers.

Wait till the cake drawing is set, and then fill in the colours using food colouring. A Q-tip is a good way to apply the food colour. It often help to lighten the colours by diluting the dye. If you are not sure if you want the colour to be dark or light then start with the light (diluted) version; you can always darken it further latter on.

An alternative to this is to use a projector to put the image on the cake.

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A fancy cake is the very thing to make an occasion special. Talk to us about the right thing for any occasion. Customers are overjoyed with the results.

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Guerrilla Design

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For many centuries art would mostly work in a frame.  Picture had a frame with all the elements of the art within those four sides. Or art appeared on a vase, a book cover, a floor mural…etc. but in all cases these tended to exist within the limitations of another medium.

Surrealism, guerrilla design, dada, and other art movements of the 10th century challenged the notion of art working within a framework, suggesting that it was a limitation. Guerrilla design ideas would exist as free form physical works that took up as much space as they needed; there was no frame, it was an object that made an artistic statement be existing in the real physical world.

Modern examples of guerrilla design are not uncommon in the advertising world. A park bench painted to look like a chocolate bar, or a street sign made to look like a lollypop, a waste paper bin made to look like a basketball hoop. These consist of everyday objects modified to carry artistic advertising statements because of a similarity in shape. Other examples bound if one uses google.

Cake design is a little like the art movement. Cakes used to be simple shapes (round, square …etc.) with a decoration in the middle. This varies a little with multiple layers of cake, or 3D decorations. Latter, influenced perhaps by Guerrilla design, the cake became the design. Why not be shaped like a football, an animal, a car, a falling building, an animated character or anything else related to the person or occasion of the day?

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Have something memorable for your wedding cake. Search the internet, find some inspired ideas, and let us create the cake you guests enjoy at every level.

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