Decorating Wedding Cakes Sydney

Wedding cakes have had a little ‘topper’ decoration for generations. These have often been popular on birthday cakes too. But more recently the cakes have had their decorations as part of the cake itself; the decoration was edible. This completely edible style cake is an impressive feat, though a topper that acts as a keepsake also has a certain appeal.
Using the topper as a keepsake predates photos. Today we have multiple photos of the wedding, and many images of the cake, to remember the wedding by, so we don’t need the topper.
Yet a cake topper decoration can still be incorporated into a cake, wedding or otherwise.
Some poplar ideas:
  • A little bride and groom – a classic idea that never goes out of style.
  • The bride and groom as children.
  • Cartoon characters
  • Cute Animals –  Penguins, butterflies …etc.
  • The married couple as animals that suit their personality.
  • Married couples (new) name.
  • Horse Drawn Wedding Coaches.
  • Light hearted and comical ideas are Okay, but you don’t want to be embarrassed by them when you look back in ten year’s time.
  • Wooden toppers, handcrafted and DIY.
  • Silhouette metal images of the happy couple. These can be laser cut from a single piece of metal. Black and gold silhouettes work well, especially if lit from behind.
  • Any heirloom topper from your (great) grandparents.

Modern Custom Wedding Cakes Sydney

If you have you heart set on a cake topping decoration you can probably have it incorporated into a modern cake design.
Talk to us about your wedding cake design.
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