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Having a cake at a wedding has been a tradition in many cultures since ancient times. But these cakes and traditions vary greatly. There have been countless styles of cake, which means modern couples have no end of ideas to choose from.
Cakes in the ancient world wasn’t usually sweet. They were more like a bagel or plain muffin, often made from barley. In the rare occasion where they were sweetened they contained a little honey. In many traditions this plain cake was broken over the brides head, somehow symbolizing fertility and good luck.
In some traditions the bridesmaids would pull one of several ribbons from the cake. The lucky girl who pulled the one ribbon attached to a charm was thought to be the next to marry.
Western cultures have seen white as a symbol of purity for several centuries. But the tradition of white dresses and cakes at weddings didn’t really gains popularity till the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It is speculated that she may have actually re-introduced an older or fading tradition here, as there are records of white iced cakes before this time. Nonetheless royal icing dates comes from Queen Victoria’s cake. This became popular not only because of the sweet taste, but because it helped hold up several layers of cake and decorations.
A cake for the groom is another old tradition that has crept back into fashion. It actually dates back to at least the 17th century and Britain and parts of Europe. This has continued to be fairly common in some parts of the USA for several past generations.
One of the few recent innovations to wedding tradition has been the cake topper. Prior to photograph this was one items that could be retained as a keepsake.
Keeping the top tier of the cake is another reasonably recent tradition. It was obviously hard to keep this before the advent of the refrigeration. The idea is for the married couple to keep this top layer of the cake for a year and to eat it on the first wedding anniversary.

Custom Made Cakes Sydney

For a once in a lifetime event like a wedding we would expect one of the best custom made cakes Sydney has to offer.
The internet allows us to see countless cake designs from around the world. Find something that inspires you, and have the perfectly suited cake for your wedding.
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